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Monitor Your Health & Vitals From Your WATCH!

Superior Technology Life Trex Healthy Smartwatch makes monitoring your health fast and easy. With a quick glance, your smart watch will be able to tell you your heart rate, daily steps, and how many calories you have burned. Our easy-to-use interface makes it easy to see how you are doing! By monitoring these metrics daily, […]

How does LifeTrex Fit Smartwatch work?

LifeTrak Smartwatch has been made with the help of a terrific deal of a specialized group of workers and highlights a ton of smartwatches on this price fragment. The watch has a chic plan that may benefit people in casual gatherings, formal wear, and any event for each day’s utilization. The wristwatch appears terrific at […]

Why You Need SaniBand™

In an uncertain world full of germs and viruses, who doesn’t need a little extra protection? SaniBand™ protects you in those sticky situations while on-the-go. Never worry about grabbing that icky shopping cart or opening a grimey door handle again. Simply wear, squeeze, and rub. Boom. Black SaniBand MEDICAL-GRADE SILICONE Germ-free and hypoallergenic material makes […]

Best Analog Watch Dupe- Withings Move ECG

When the Apple Watch Series 4 landed in 2018, it caused a stir for being one of the first (and unquestionably the most high-profile) wearable to offer an ECG app. Short for electrocardiogram, an ECG records the electrical activity of your heart to indicate whether or not you might be suffering from atrial fibrillation (ABfib), […]

Coat of a SaniBand

For such a great design, so many benefits and on top of that being a USA-based company you might think that something as quality SaniBand might run upwards of $25 or more (at least that’s what competitors are charging) That’s why I was stunned to learn that you can get your very own SaniBand for […]

Best Budget Tracker- Letsfit Fitness Tracker

We purchased the Letsfit Fitness Tracker so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review. The Letsfit Fitness Tracker takes fitness watches back to the basics. It tracks steps, sleep, heart rate, and exercise, and it notifies you of calls and messages. It also comes in at […]

Take your goals further with Fitbit Charge 4

The Fitbit Charge line has produced some of our favorite fitness trackers on the market since the original model’s debut in 2014. Now in its fourth generation, Fitbit builds on what we like about the Charge family with the addition of GPS to map your exercise route without a phone, Spotify support, more sleep tools, […]

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