Bonuses & Benefits of Physio Omega

The supplement has two additional treats with its purchase. These are:

-10 Food You Should Never Eat Before Bed

This book informs about the right foods that should be taken. It also narrates about the effect that sleep has on the digestive process. The book also reveals useful information on what are the impacts on the sleeping habits of the die.

-7 Deadly Habits of People That Have Heart Attacks

This is a complete guide to a fit lifestyle that can help to keep the heart in shape to prevent any fatalities. It gives tips for a complete turnaround and change in lifestyle for a healthy life.

This is a natural supplement that is healthy for your heart.

It is made of natural ingredients

Essential for the health and fitness of the heart

Important for proper circulation of the blood and optimum metabolic activities

Easy to incorporate in the diet

The cost of the product depends on the amount or quantity of the jars ordered. The price of this supplement goes down as the number of jars ordered goes up. The package prices are the following:

A single bottle of the supplement is for $60

4 bottle order equals to the amount of $120.6 (i.e. $30.15/bottle)

8 bottle order is equal to $179.6, which means that each bottle is for $22.45 each. (BEST VALUE)

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