Category: Stay Safe On-The-Go With SaniBand

Why You Need SaniBand™

In an uncertain world full of germs and viruses, who doesn’t need a little extra protection? SaniBand™ protects you in those sticky situations while on-the-go. Never worry about grabbing that icky shopping cart or opening a grimey door handle again. Simply wear, squeeze, and rub. Boom. Black SaniBand MEDICAL-GRADE SILICONE Germ-free and hypoallergenic material makes […]

Coat of a SaniBand

For such a great design, so many benefits and on top of that being a USA-based company you might think that something as quality SaniBand might run upwards of $25 or more (at least that’s what competitors are charging) That’s why I was stunned to learn that you can get your very own SaniBand for […]

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