How To Control Blood Sugar Levels And Live With Diabetes

How To Control Blood Sugar Levels And Live With Diabetes

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How To Control Blood Sugar Levels And Live With Diabetes

If you have diabetes, then you know firsthand how important it is that you keep your glucose levels under control. This is your first line of defense when it comes to taking care of your overall health since diabetes can affect you from head to toe.

When you don’t control your glucose levels, it can impact your heart. The sugar level that you have, whether high or low, can impact it negatively or positively. While diabetes is a progressive disease, those who practice tight blood sugar control do not experience any more health risks that someone who does not have the condition.

It was once thought that having the condition was an automatic predictor of certain problems. Words like amputation, blindness, kidney damage, and neuropathy were tossed about.

But leading scientists who’ve studied diabetes have come to the conclusion that diabetes is a disease in which outcome solely depends on the patient. Those who are have a good diabetes care plan and work to keep the numbers under control will fare better than someone whose numbers are consistently out of range.

While it’s true that having diabetes can put you at risk for a host of health problems if it’s not controlled, the biggest concern is with the heart. Those who have type 2 diabetes have a much higher risk of being diagnosed with some type of heart disease.

In fact, in the study, those with diabetes who don’t control their glucose levels can boost their risk by two times that of someone without the disease. On the other hand, however, an earlier study revealed that certain diabetics who practiced glucose control that was too tight could end up having a heart attack.

In fact, these people were more likely to have a heart attack that was fatal than in diabetics who didn’t have the same type of control. However, the issue was not whether or not controlling your glucose level was the best way to live healthy with diabetes.

In people who had good control but went on to have poor heart health, the earlier study showed that the fault lie in the genetics of the person in association with the glucose control and not simply glucose control alone.

Diabetics who have certain amounts of glucagon-like peptide 1, which is an amino acid, were at greater risk of dying from a fatal heart attack if they had tighter glucose control.
There is genetic testing to check to see if you have this marker and some current diabetes medications doe offer heart benefits.

The key to living successfully with diabetes with or without GLP-1 lies in a healthy balance of glucose control. To do that, you’ll need to practice regular self-care such as diet, exercise, regular A1c tests and perform at home feet checks.

One of the best ways that you can make sure your glucose numbers are where they should be is to get all the diabetic tools that are necessary for diabetic health. Something that’s useful for newly diagnosed diabetics as well as those who’ve had the condition for a while is the  Bayer Contour NEXT Diabetic Testing Starter Kit.

With this diabetic test strips, you get all the tools that you’ll need packaged together. If you were to go out and buy all of the pieces separately, you could end up paying more. Diabetic supplies come in a variety of amounts.

You can get some of the testing strips for as few as 25 in a bottle. Since you need to test often to maintain control for your heart’s health, it’s always best to start with a good supply.

This kit has 100 of diabetic test strips. As a diabetic, you should use those test strips to check your first morning glucose known as your fasting glucose. This can help give you a good overall picture of how you’re doing.

For someone who is a diabetic you want to follow the American Diabetes Association guidelines which would be a fasting number between 80 to 130 mg/dl. For your after meal diabetic testing, you would use one of the strips two hours after you eat and that’s counted from when you start eating, not by when you’re finished with the meal.

You want to aim to keep that number less than 180 mg/dl. To test your blood glucose, you’ll need lancets and this starter kit offers 100 of those as well. To save money, some diabetics have used a lance more than once.

This is a practice than can cause a higher risk of infection. With the supplies in this kit, you’ll also receive a lancing device. The lancing device is spring loaded. You take off the top, insert the lancet with the protective cap on.

Once the lancet clicks firmly in place, you twist off this cap and put the lancet top piece back on. To activate it, you simply pull back on the bottom half of the lancing device and when you’re ready to prick your fingertip, you push the middle and it activates the spring.

The top of the lancing device has an adjustment feature for the needle’s puncture depth. Also including in this kit is the control solution. This vial has some glucose in it and the purpose of this is to use it to test the strip instead of your blood.

You would do this to make sure that the readings given by the test are within the parameters of what the test strips say it should be. This allows you to determine accuracy of the meter and strips.

When you get the starter kit, you get the instruction book that shows you everything about the meter from how to use it to how to change the battery out for when you’ll need it in the future.

Plus, you get a logbook that you can use to track your information including your glucose readings, calories, carbohydrates, insulin or medication used and the amount of exercise you did. This helps your doctor to be able to create an individualised treatment plan for you for better diabetic health.

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How To Control Blood Sugar Levels And Live With Diabetes
How To Control Blood Sugar Levels And Live With Diabetes


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