Body Beast 90 Day Muscle Building Program Review

Body Beast 90 Day Muscle Building Program Review

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Body Beast 90 Day Muscle Building Program Review

The Body Beast Workout is a muscle building program that incorporates workout, nutrition and supplements to a large and muscular physique, in fact it promises that when the program is followed correctly, you can build 10 pounds of lean muscle mass in 90 days.

Brought to you by Beachbody, the renowned fitness experts who are behind the creation of very successful workout programs, such as Hip Hop Abs, Insanity and the line of P90X programs.

68 customers on Amazon have given it favorable reviews with a 4.3 rating out of a possible 5 stars.

How Does the Program Work?

Take the guess work out of muscle building, and save hundreds on hiring a personal trainer with this complete program from expert fitness trainers.

The training program focuses on workouts and a regimented plan to create maximum tension in the muscles. The muscles get exhausted thereby creating more muscle fiber. The body gains muscles and decreases body fat for a toned and attractive physique.

In addition, Dynamic Set Training enhance the production of testosterone, which, is responsible for developing muscle mass to attain the desired large physique.
The program recommends particular supplements that will accelerate the building of muscles.

What is Included in The Body Beast 90 Day Muscle Building Program?

• Seven DVDs with 12 Workouts.
• Book of Beast Workout.
• Nutrition Supplements Guide.
• Two sided Training Schedule.
• Free Online Support Tools.

3 Blocks Of The 90 Day Body Beast Muscle Building Program

  1. Build: 6 days a week to build a strong foundation in nutrition and physical fitness.
  2. Bulk: 6 days per week with a focus on growth and building muscle mass.
  3. Beast: 6 days per week, this block entails workouts that will define the muscle mass built in the second block.

The 12 Workouts


Build: Just over 49 minutes of Chest and Triceps.
Build: Just over 38 minutes targeting the shoulder muscles.
Build: Just over 38 minutes on building leg muscles.
Build: Just over 50 minutes is spent on the back and biceps.


Bulk: Chest area targeted (30 minute workout)
Bulk: Leg muscles: (40 minute workout)
Bulk: Back muscles (29 minute workout)
Bulk: Shoulders (35 minute workout)
Bulk: Arms (37 minute workout)


Beast: 30 minute cardio workout
Beast: 39 minute total body workout
Beast: 11 minute ab workout

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Body Beast 90 Day Muscle Building Program Review
Body Beast 90 Day Muscle Building Program Review

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