Garmin vívosmart HR Review

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Garmin vívosmart HR Review

The Garmin vívosmart HR is designed as a health-monitoring gadget that uses accurate technology to calculate your heart rate, distance walked, floors climbed, and much more. It’s all about measuring what you’re doing to help you get healthy and reach your goals. The device also sets daily tasks for you and lets you challenge any other user in the way of becoming fit and healthy.

Features of Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker

The wristband is clustered with features ensuring the health of a human being. It is the smartest way to monitor your heart rate, footsteps, stairs climbed, as well as BMR count and sleep activities. Some of the cool features include: 

• Measurement of Heart Rate
The devices keep calculating your heart rate 24/7 and without missing a count. With precise and accurate counting, the device further calculates the calories burned each day. Even the slightest spike in the heart rate gets stored on the daily stats list. The more your effort the better credit you get from the device. The display panel is live and active throughout the day. You can take a quick sneak peek at the panel to check all your body stats at a glance.

• New Goals for You Every Day
To make sure you stay healthy, vívosmart compares your previous data and regenerated new goals for you every day. For instance, if you walked a hundred steps yesterday, vívosmart will set the goal to another hundred step more (or less) depending on the condition of your health. The daily challenge is interesting and helps you to improve your health in a much shorter time. You can sync the daily stats to your smartphone via Garmin connect and either compare or challenge any fellow user.

• Cutting-Edge Technology
Along with precise measurement of steps, heart beats, and distance covered, the device can also count the floors you have climbed using an integrated barometric altimeter.

Is The Device Worth Buying?

With so many features and cutting edge technology placed on a small wristband, this tracker is definitely a work of excellence. Some of the pros include it also being waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. With a quick glance at the panel, you can get all the details of your body. The only con is that time is missing from the display panel. This particular model does come with the rich feature but without a clock.

The Garmin vívosmart HR tops the list of all the health monitoring gadgets. With a wide range of usability offered by this tiny wrist band, it’s sure to win your heart!

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