The Massage Bible: The Definitive Guide to Soothing Aches and Pains

The Massage Bible Review

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When you are first looking into massage, you may not know exactly what techniques are available, what you can do for yourself, and how to do everything properly. If you are unable to take a class, or if you are not sure if you even want to for your massage needs, then there may be another way. The Massage Bible, by Susan Mumford, is an ideal starting point and guidebook that may be exactly what you are looking for.

What is the Massage Bible by Susan Mumford?

The Massage Bible is a key guidebook to anyone who is contemplating massage for pain relief, becoming a massage therapist, or who is curious about different massage techniques and how they can help with different ailments and illnesses in the body. It not only shows the massages in image rich detail, but it also tells you tips and tricks for using the techniques. It is, in essence, a go to reference guide for anything and everything massage related.

What Makes the Massage Bible by Susan Mumford Stand Out?

One of the key aspects of this book, that sets it apart from others, is the full color illustrated layout design of the book. Each technique is detailed in step by step instructions. Another aspect of the book that makes it stand out from others in the genre is the overview of all basic massage techniques from different cultures and areas of the world. This gives you basic skills in more than just one niche or genre of massage therapy. It also gives you more to choose from if you end up going into massage therapy. It will let you know what niche interests you the most and which ones you may feel more comfortable with learning and using in your career path.

How Easy is the Massage BIble by Susan Mumford to Use?

This guidebook is very easy to use even for the barebones beginner. The illustrations make it easy to follow and the techniques are basic that build on each other. For someone wanting to try out massage therapy before choosing it as a career, this book is a good start. For someone wanting to use massage techniques on themselves or others, it can also be very valuable and easy to use and follow. As a reference guide, it can be a bit tricky to use, but it will still be a good resource. This book is ideal if you are looking for a way to incorporate massage techniques with essential oils as a natural remedy to pain and discomfort as well.

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