5 HTP Time Release Review

5 HTP Time Release

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5 HTP Time Release Review


5 HTP Time Release is an antidote to depression. Anyone who has ever dealt with depression can tell you that the symptoms of the disorder can be very difficult to deal with. Not only can depression cause people to feel sad and anxious, but it can also cause insomnia, feelings of worthlessness, and result in changes in eating habits as well as disrupt daily activities.


People with depression can’t simply snap out of it because the disorder isn’t something that’s controlled by sheer will. When it happens, treatment is needed. Most people shy away from certain conventional treatment – and for good reason.


Usually, most doctors will immediately prescribe a prescription antidepressant without finding out first if the patient wants a more natural, but equally effective treatment such as Natrol 5-HTP Time Release Tablets.



This treatment is a supplement that comes from a plant that gives your body what you need in the fight against depression. In many cases of people who are suffering from depression, their body is lacking in the right level of amino acids.


Without that correct level, your body doesn’t produce enough serotonin. Serotonin is necessary neurotransmitter that not only impacts how you feel emotionally and mentally, but it plays a role in your cognitive function, your appetite and your ability to sleep well.


Without enough of it, your symptoms of depression get worse. The 5 HTP works to boost how much serotonin that your body has. If you think you can just get it in the foods that you eat, you’re mistaken.


It’s rare for someone to eat enough food containing what’s needed to be able to boost their serotonin level. This is why a supplement like 5 HTP is necessary. Not only can it help with depression naturally, but there are no drug chemicals in it.


Plus, it’s not something that you can get addicted to like you can certain prescription drugs used for depression therapy. The supplement is a time release – so you won’t get all of the serotonin in one dose.


Instead, it’s a controlled release, which means that you’ll feel the benefit of it all day long. By using the supplement according to directions, you’ll see a change in how you feel.


You’ll notice that your moods are brighter, that you’re thinking more positively and you don’t feel the effects of stress like you did before. Not only does it work to give you a sense of peace and calm, but the product also lets you sleep better at night.

5 HTP Time Release
5 HTP Time Release


This product comes in a 30-tablet container and has 200 mg of hydroxytryptophan. It’s an expensive, yet effective help against the life disrupting symptoms of depression. Most people who use the product typically feel better within a week.

You can get yours here on Amazon.

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