Don’t Stress About The Weight Loss Plateau

Don't Stress About The Weight Loss Plateau

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Don’t Stress About The Weight Loss Plateau

There is nothing more rewarding than finally achieving something that you have worked hard for. In the early stages of your weight loss journey, you set your mind to it and you saw the loss begin. It started dropping steadily, and as you proceeded on your path you likely hit the weight loss plateau.

It was fine though, because you felt great and you’d already made progress so it was easy to keep it up. Until it wasn’t. Now, you’ve been at it for a while and the closer you get to your goal, the harder it gets to shift those last few stubborn pounds.

Does this sound familiar?

It’s easy at the start because you know exactly what’s causing your problems. It’s the extra can of soda, on top of the three others you drank today. The pizza that you order every weekend, the muffins in your office every morning. You know what’s causing the problem so, you cut it out and when your body responds you are motivated to keep on keeping on. Then you hit that plateau. So, you cut your portions down, start drinking more water, and you’re doing the thing! Yet, you still can’t shift those extra pounds!

What is going on?

Well, there’s more than one weight loss plateau. That’s why losing weight is so hard.

When it comes to losing weight, your diet is so important, even more important than exercise (that doesn’t mean you can stop working out). Yet, it’s exercise that could be contributing to your plateau issues.

It’s easy to focus on the scale when you’re so close to your goal. You become fixated on that number and give it all of your power. You don’t need to stress out about the weight loss plateau, though, you just need to get smart. Your approach to beating the weight loss plateau is two-pronged. It’s all about being aware of the following.


You’re feeling great, you feel comfortable in your clothes, but the number on the scale is still wrong. You can’t quit until you shift those final pounds. Consider your exercise regimen. You may need to switch things up. If your focus has been on strength training, swimming or spin classes, then it might be time to trade them for barre class or yoga.

Those intense workouts will build muscle, which is great, but it does add density which increases your weight. Remember, by volume, muscle weighs more than fat, so what the tape measure shows is more important than what the scale shows!

Now would be a good time to determine how important those final pounds are. Is your number goal still the most important thing when you feel great doing what you’ve been doing?


It might be that there’s more to this final push than just exercise and diet. Perhaps you’re battling your biology. It’s also difficult to lead an ideally healthy life when you’re also stressed out and busy. It’s not that they’re incompatible, it’s just that stress makes it harder to shift weight. All those stress hormones make you crave junk food, your heart beats faster, and essentially, it’s easier to be bad.

So, getting stressed out about your weight loss plateau is only going to make matters worse. It’s natural to run into the plateau. Stress management is an important aspect of healthy living, especially when you’re trying to lose weight.

If you feel stress rising, take a time out. You can spend ten minutes in meditation or take a long bath. The two biggest issues contributing to the weight loss plateau are stress and exercise. All you need to do is make some tweaks, refine your regimen, and keep pushing forward.

Don't Stress About The Weight Loss Plateau
Don’t Stress About The Weight Loss Plateau

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