Cheese Helps Keep Your Heart Healthy

Cheese Helps Keep Your Heart Healthy

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Cheese Helps Keep Your Heart Healthy

You might be someone who enjoys eating cheese, but you’ve always been careful consuming it because you thought it may contained too much fat. The good news is that researchers have discovered that eating cheese is better for you than they thought it was.

It’s so much better in fact that it can lower your chances of developing cardiovascular disease or of having a heart related incident such as a heart attack or stroke. The study took a look at different studies to evaluate how cheese consumption affected the heart and found that rather than cause problems, it instead had many benefits.

This is good news given the large consumption of cheese. Most people eat a variety of different cheeses and these cheeses are packed with nutrients that help your entire body’s health.

You’ll get plenty of nutrients and vitamins and your body can use the extra calcium and zinc. Since vitamin A helps your bones and immune system and your retinal health, this is indeed good news.

Vitamin B-12 found in cheese reduces the risk of heart disease, helps clogged arteries, memory function, and sleep disorders. This delicious food also contains protein, so it helps to keep those hunger pangs at bay.

Plus, cheese makes a healthy on the go snack. It has been given a bad reputation because it contains saturated fats and it was believed that this fat was more harmful than good for the heart.

However, the new study shows that the belief isn’t true. In the study done on how cheese helps the heart, it was shown that eating cheese actually lowered the odds of developing cardiovascular disease.

It also showed that people who consume cheese have a lowered risk of having a stroke. During the study, participants that ate around an ounce of cheese gained the most benefit from this dairy food.

What it is about cheese that makes it so good for you is that it’s rich in fatty acids, which can help to lower your risk of getting plaque in your arteries. It has an additional benefit of being able to boost your good cholesterol while lowering the bad one.

In the past, researchers decided that a food item that had previously been labeled as having health risks instead offered too many health benefits to not eat. That’s what the latest study on cheese has found.

By eating cheese, you can protect your heart better than someone who doesn’t eat cheese. So if you had cheese on your list of things that you shouldn’t eat, you should go ahead and add it to your diet every day to help keep your heart healthy.

Not only can eating cheese help your heart, but it also lowers your risk of developing certain diseases such as diabetes. For your heart’s health, you want to make sure that you have quick and easy access to the kind of snacks that offer you the most benefit.

One of the reasons that people reach for junk food snacks like chips, cookies or candy is because they’re usually convenient. If you get into the habit of making heart healthy snacks like cheese convenient for you every night, you’ll have a snack at hand every time you get the urge to have something to eat and it’s not yet meal time.

Thankfully, cheese is an easy to make snack and it pairs well with other things like fruits or vegetables. You can simply unwrap a slice of cheese and eat it – but most people prefer to eat cheese that’s already been cubed.

They’re bite sized and easy to maintain portion control that way as well. You want something to make your cheese snacking set up as convenient as possible. For that reason, you’ll want to get the Bamboo Cheese Board with Cutlery Set.

The light wood looks elegant in any kitchen setting but using a cheese board made from bamboo has other perks as well. Bamboo wood is a dense wood which means it requires very little maintenance unlike cheese boards cut from other woods.

It’s antimicrobial, which works to keep microorganisms from contaminating the wood. The wood doesn’t contain BPA which means that when you cut cheese on the board, you won’t have to worry about your cheese picking up any weird odors or chemicals.

This light colored board is packed with features. One of them being the slotted drawer that is tucked away within the side of the board until you want to pull it out. It’s slotted so it opens and closes easily. It can also be removed apart from the board.

This drawer is what holds the four piece cutlery spreading and serving set that comes along with the cutting board. These tools have blades of stainless steel and bamboo handles that match the board.

Instead of being flat all the way around, the board is designed with a rim so that you can place other items there that go along with your cheese snacks. These are convenient for holding things like crackers, vegetables, or breads.

The cutting surface of the board is large enough to easily cut large blocks of cheese or multiple smaller ones. You can quickly cut up enough cheese blocks and pair them with other heart healthy snacks so that when you’re feeling the urge to eat, you can grab something that you know is good for you.

Bamboo Cheese Board
Bamboo Cheese Board
Cheese Helps Keep Your Heart Healthy
Cheese Helps Keep Your Heart Healthy

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