Importance And Benefits Of Music For Better Sleep

Importance And Benefits Of Music For Better Sleep

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Music For Better Sleep

Do you have trouble drifting off to sleep? Perhaps your mind wanders endlessly the minute you place your head on your pillow, where you start thinking about who said what during your day. Or perhaps you live in an apartment block and have noisy tenants around you. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, music might be something to look into as a natural solution.

It is certainly common to replay things that happened during your day as you try to fall asleep. Often we go over things in our heads, working out what to do tomorrow, or worse, wishing we had handled a situation differently. None of this is conducive to quality sleep. Stress from work or home can wreak havoc with your bedtime routine.

Being able to quieten your mind, by listening to some melodic music may help you relax and prepare you for entering your dream state. Focusing on the music and not your thoughts can help you drift away more quickly.

However, the music you listen to shouldn’t be ‘song’ music. You shouldn’t be laying there singing to yourself! It should be soft and gentle instrumental music. Peaceful music, not music you want to sing or dance to!

Play Music For Children At Bedtime

If you happen to enjoy loud or violent movies once the kids are tucked into their beds, playing music in their bedrooms may be a wise idea. Studies have shown that children who listen to classical music such as Beethoven, Mozart or Bach, tend to be better problem solvers and potentially better at math later in life too.

Blocking out the sounds of screeching cars, or shooting, or bombs going off, is highly recommended! Even if you are watching your adult shows once the kids are asleep, their subconscious minds are still awake; therefore, they may appear to be unconscious and sleeping, but at some level, their brains are still detecting the violence and horror. Instead of filling their beautiful minds with ugliness, try some classical music.

Different Kinds of Music

As mentioned above, it is better to choose wordless music, otherwise you may inadvertently be singing along in your head. It’s easy to want to play your favorite songs. Instead, select harmonic, relaxing music similar to what you may find in a wellness center, or even a romantic restaurant, which can transport you to a calm, serene place.

There are many ways you can listen to music at bedtime, and there are a variety of free downloads of virtually any kind of music you desire. Try not to use your laptop or other electrical devices that shine light in your room. Many iPod docking stations double as alarm clocks, so you could play your new bedtime tunes that way.

Music styles to help you induce restful sleep include:

” Classical Symphonies – Fall in love with some ancient favorites. Playing classical melodies may be just what you need to relax into a calmer frame of mind. Imagine you are waltzing with your love and dance slowly off to dreamland.

” Nature Sounds – Perhaps you are the kind of person who loves listening to the ocean, or the rain on the roof. There are some excellent nature music options that offer waves, water features, and animal sounds including whale songs and tropical birds.

Whatever music you first decide on, just make sure it helps you fall asleep, and if it doesn’t, try a different genre!

Importance And Benefits Of Music For Better Sleep

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