The Flex Belt System Abdominal Toning Belt Review

The Flex Belt System Abdominal Toning Belt Review

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The Flex Belt System Abdominal Toning Belt Review

The flex belt system abdominal toning belt is designed using 3 gel pads made of medical grade materials that cover the entire muscle area in the abdominals.

Oh the highly coveted six pack abs, everyone wants them, not everyone achieves them until now! With the Flex Belt Flex System Abdominal Toning Belt anyone can define their ab muscles by simply putting on a belt.

This is not just another gimmicky product that is full of hype!

How The Flex Belt System Abdominal Toning Belt Works

This belt is designed using 3 gel pads made of medical grade materials that cover the entire muscle area in the abdominals.

When you wear the belt it sends signals to the nerves in the stomach muscles that causes them to naturally mimic ab workouts by contracting and relaxing. This action works all the ab muscles simultaneously.

This product has been approved by the FDA and has 4 star rating on Amazon from 170 plus customers who use it and testify to its effectiveness.

What’s Included

• Controller That Sets Intensity of Impulses
• User Manual


• Tones, Strengthens and Firms The Ab Muscles
• Designed using medical grade technology
• FDA cleared and clinically proven to work with visible results in as little as a few weeks. In a recent study 100% of users confirmed that their abs felt more firm.

Benefits Of The Flex Belt System Abdominal Toning Belt

Real Medical Science Behind The Product

With real medical science behind the technology, this fitness product is not just another gimmick.

Made by experts in the medical device field who have more than 40 years of experience in creating these type of units. It is also the very first ab toning belt that has been cleared for sales to consumers by the FDA. But, these particular devices have been used with patients in more than 5000 clinics around the world.

And, the company states that they have more than 2 million customers around the world who are delighted with the results of this belt, as it works all the ab muscles to provide definition, and strength in just 30 minute sessions several times per week without all the hard work that comes with crunches and sit ups.

Less Work

Strengthen your core muscles without having to go the gym and do the typical ab exercises.

Since the Belt is essentially doing what crunches would do, which is, contract the ab muscles to create more definition, toning and strength it’s the perfect solution for those that do not want to engage in actual ab workouts.

Multi-Tasking Saves Time

With this Ab Belt you can get your ab work anywhere and anytime you wish. Do it while cleaning, working, watching TV, fixing the kids lunches and during many other activities.


The portability of this product is an added benefit and it allows you get a workout in from anywhere. The perfect workout equipment to take with you on vacation, or a weekend getaway.

Targets All Ab Muscles

In order to have an all-around and complete toned ab area you have to perform different ab exercise that target the different parts of the area, including the upper and lower abs and the oblique’s.

The Flex Belt does that too, every single muscle bundle in the ab area is targeted by the signals sent from it.

Perfect Ab Workout

With the Flex Belt you can rest assured that you are working all the muscles in the abs without worrying about form or if you’re doing the right exercises or enough of them. All you need to do is put on the belt, leave it on for 30 minutes and it does it all for you.

This is a truly set it and forget workout that eliminates the worries associated with toning the ab muscles, just put it on and keep living your life, and you will see noticeable results in a few weeks.

What Users Have To Say About The Flex Belt System Abdominal Toning Belt

There are more than 170 positive user reviews for this product on Amazon. Most reviewers agree that it works, and attest to seeing real results in the toning and definition of their ab muscles.

There are some reviewers who do highlight issues they had with the belt as well, such as, one reviewer who said that the belt is too distracting and that the signal that is sent to stimulate the muscle contraction made it impossible for him to concentrate on work.

Besides the many positive reviews on Amazon from real life users, Denise Richards, Actress and Adrianne Curry, model, swear by this ab toning belt.

Adrianne Curry, model and television personality states that the Flex Belt has taken her abs to a “whole new level.”

Denise Richards is a loyal user of the belt and says it’s easy to use while doing chores around the house or reading scripts and that she sees real results in her abs. Check it out.

Final Thoughts 

This product definitely seems to be the real deal. If you have always wanted to have solid, gorgeous abs then this is the product to buy.

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The Flex Belt System Abdominal Toning Belt Review
The Flex Belt System Abdominal Toning Belt Review

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